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View the latest Irish Lotto results for all three draws including Plus 1, Plus 2, and the €500 raffle every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Results and statistics for the National Lottery, including historical results and price breakdowns, are available on Irish Lottery Results.
Since its simplicity and favorable odds make it an appealing choice among fans, the Irish Lottery is a popular draw. The highest jackpot ever won was an incredible €18.9 million back in 1988. You need only select six numbers from 1 to 47 and match the numbers drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Visit our Blog for tips on how to use a formula that increases your chances of winning and lowers your chances of losing.

Irish Lotto Result For Today

Main Draw


Plus 1


Plus 2


More than 50% of Irish Lottery funds are awarded as prizes. Funds remaining in the balance are used to fund various projects in Ireland. These include sports, arts, culture, and national heritage projects. We payout all cash prizes in lump sums, tax-free, within 90 days of the drawing date.

NOTE: Please note that, as is the case with all National Lottery games in Ireland, Lotto tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of a draw taking place. Tickets for any draws older than 90 days are no longer valid and cannot be claimed.

List of Prizes:

Prize category ODDS Prize value Average price
Match 6 1 in 10,737,573 jackpot (minimum of €2 million) €2,456,980.79
Match 5+Bonus ball 1 in 1,789,596 5.37% of Prize Fund €25,320.44
Match 5 1 in 44,740 3.22% of Prize Fund €1,003.60
Match 4+ 1 in 918 5.24% of Prize Fund €35.15
Match 4 1 in 688 3.29% of Prize Fund €23.18
Match 3+ 1 in 54 15.93% of Prize Fund €5.00
Match 3 1 in 72 €3 Daily Million Quick Pick €2.98 

Gameplay Rule for Irish Lottery Result

To win the Irish lottery jackpot, players must match the first six main numbers, which are anywhere from 1 to 47. On top of these, you can also draw the bonus number for consolation prizes.

If they match 5 numbers and the bonus number, they will win the prize, which is worth more than $100,000.

The key to mastering the Irish lottery is to know how to use “winning patterns” to improve your chances of winning significantly. Learn more about the winning patterns in this article.

Taxes are not applied to any prizes in the Irish lottery Results, and winners are split up into two single winners. Irish lotteries always offer jackpots of more than €5 million, and they’re never worth less than €2 million. It can even reach $10 million and more if that weren’t enough.

You can watch the draw on your television or stream it on your streaming service every Wednesday and Friday. If neither is available, you can then examine the results on It publishes results as soon as they are available for every game variation. If you win a jackpot, you’ll know

Irish Results Facts And Figures

  • Launched in March 1987, the Irish Lottery is now one of the world’s most popular games.
  • Wednesday and Saturday evenings are reserved for the weekly draws.
  • In comparison with other lottery draws, the odds of winning the jackpot are favorable.
  • If you play the Irish Lottery, the odds of winning any money are 1 in 29.
  • Matching three numbers or more is required for you to win the cash prize. All six numbers must be matched in order to win the jackpot.
  • The Irish Lottery jackpots start at 2 million euros (1.71 million) – if they are not won, they will roll over to a maximum of 18 million euros (15.5 million).
  • In the Irish Lottery, the jackpot is worth up to €18.9 million (£16.3 million).
  • It takes two business days for Irish Lotto winnings to appear in your account. The jackpot can only be won if all six numbers are matched.
  • In 1996, an Irish Lottery syndicate of 16 players won the largest ever jackpot – €18,963,441 – which they won working in a concrete plant in County Carlow.

Winning Strategies:

  • You can win a minimum of €2 million in Match 6
  • You will win €100,000 if you match 5 + Bonus Ball
  • You can win €1,500 in Match 5
  • You can win €150 in Match 4 + a Bonus Ball
  • You can win €50 in Match 4
  • Match 3 + Bonus Ball can win you €25
  • You can win €9 in Match 3
  • Scratch cards worth €3 can be won in Match 2 + Bonus Ball

There’s a brand new look and feel to the Irish Lotto Result:

Despite losing the National Lottery of Ireland, the Irish Lotto scene has maintained its strong standing and will return even stronger than before in September 2015. Irish lottery’s biggest change was its new format, which made it possible to win bigger prizes and jackpots.

In this light, the Irish lottery remains one of the most popular in Europe and offers some of the best odds overall. In contrast, players in an Irish lotto have four times as much chance of hitting a jackpot as they do with an English lottery.

There is significantly more prize money being awarded in the second tier, alongside a higher likelihood of winning a prize.

A huge advantage is also enjoyed by Yugi players over Irish players since a ticket bought in Ireland will have at least two lines to play. Ireland’s players can place a single bet for only £2.50 while adding the Lotto Plus option for 50p, which gives them three chances to win huge jackpots.

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Wrapping up for Irish Lottery Results

I believe playing this game and gaining enough knowledge about this game can help you to win a jackpot and become rich. If you play this game and become experienced in it, then you can win a jackpot and become rich. Get started with this game to make a lot of money without wasting your time.